I wanted to drop you a note to say what a truly fantastic and relaxed time we’ve had and are still having at Le Moulin. You have created the most perfect setting here with a delightful list of things to do coupled with seemingly endless tranquility. So many places to explore, cook, eat, host, read, snooze and observe the various goings on. The children are so happy here too and perhaps most importantly so completely safe. From edited highlights they have cycled to Marcilhac for croissants, canoed, made rafts for river races (the boys are currently making model crossbows from lollipop sticks), learnt basic archery, spent hours in the river, built dams, tracked giant bugs and made many wonderful memories for the future.

Marcilhac and Cajarc were increasing revelations during our trip this year, café on the terrace at L’Auberge du pont and dinner at Le Titruc (whilst the children cycled around until dark) being among the finest moments.

Another major positive worth mentioning has been the combination of the supporting team here, namely Lillian, Patrick and Maryse. Perhaps it’s a function of having been here last year but the welcome seemed like returning to treasured family friends. Patrick has made any request effortless and added them into his day as if it was already on his list. Maryse has been fantastic and diligently cared for us during our time here, being appropriately invisible and yet wonderfully attentive and present at the same time when we have had need. I like to think we’re in the relatively low maintenance camp and Patrick and Maryse have made us feel like nothing has been too much trouble and that they’re both delighted we’re here. Lillian has been great (Gavin too) in welcoming us back to Le Moulin and making Cajarc another place of old friends, being only a phone call or a door knock away.

Net net, a truly wonderful set up here and one we would like to book again (and again) and invite other friends and family to share the joy of this magical oasis.

We have left two bottles of Montagny for you as a token our appreciation of our time here this year.


Best wishes,

Tim & Justine
— Tim and Justine Hart, July 2017
This was our second year running at Le Moulin.

We love its beautiful situation, the comfortable rooms, the lovely pool, and the fact that for a large party like ours with children of different ages there is so much outdoor space and so many activities for them. If they weren’t swimming or kayaking they were building a raft to sail down the river, playing tennis or croquet, or just having fun in the orchard.

The house has thick walls and ceiling fans, so was deliciously cool inside even when the temperatures topped 30, and we took full advantage of the many places to eat, from the lovely terrace for dinner, to the shady vine for lunch, or sometimes down by the river under the trees.

The Cele valley is, we think, one of the most beautiful parts of France, and we certainly plan to return.
— Helen Fraser and Grant McIntyre, August 2016
Le Moulin is one of those rare places where, as soon as you arrive you know immediately that you’ve stumbled on a real treasure.

The first clue is the generous hammocks hanging from the mature trees whose branches tickle the River Cele, cool, green and inviting. All about the towering sunlit cliffs and ancient caves bewitch and intrigue.

The house oozes charm and is as beautiful as it is quirky: it feels more like a treasured family home than a holiday let. It is stuffed full of gorgeous things - a fine collection of hats, beautiful artefacts, pictures, rugs and furniture which fit perfectly with the stone walls and ancient wooden beams - fishing rods, croquet mallets, tennis rackets, jelly shoes, canoes and even life jackets - everything has been thought of.

It feels like a house that has been loved and enjoyed by generations.

Wonderfully comfortable antique beds and decent linen in fan cooled rooms, along with the constant song of the river, guarantee a sound night’s sleep.

Le Moulin is a house that absorbs both adults and children effortlessly, with its choice of private places where you can escape to - the river, the pool, the terrace, the croquet lawn or the grass court. There is a spot here for everyone.

I could have written something much simpler but equally telling: we will be going back!

I have to add that I LOVED my ten days there more than words can describe.

And by the way, canoes are for girls. Real men go over the rapids in their speedo’s. You can go all the way down from the mill rapids to the calm waters half kilometre away with barely a bruise to show for it.

Hope we can return.
— Sarah and Robin Chapman, July 2016