Staff at Le Moulin sur Célé

The Housekeeper and Groundsman

Maryse Forest and Patrick Velu

Le Moulin is loved and cared for by a wonderful local couple, Patrick Velu and Maryse Forest.

They have managed the grounds and house for over 15 years and are strongly connected to the property and are dedicated to ensuring it is as magical a place it can be for guests to enjoy.

They do not live on the grounds, but close by in Saint Suplice which is one mile up the road. Maryse keeps the house looking beautiful and Patrick attends to the 25 acres of grounds and river bank. Maryse will do a clean and spruce up of the kitchen, communal areas and bedrooms each morning. This is very helpful, especially in the kitchen and bedrooms, ensuring you feel you are being well looked after.

Patrick also helps with organising all the outdoor activities. Le Moulin has three canoes taking 2 or 3 people. These should only in used after instruction from Patrick. Patrick will transport these up the valley for either a half day or days canoeing. The end of trip ends on Le Moulin’s river bank. Patrick will also show you the equipment room for the tennis court and croquet. He can also organise for bicycles to be delivered to the house for rides down the valley, along the river bank.

We also recommend horse rides with the local stable, which Patrick will be glad to arrange.

The Estate Manager

The Estate Manager is Lillian Bell.

She helps Maryse and Patrick where she can, but is mainly in charge of bookings and organising. She also has a great love of Le Moulin and the local area. Lillian lives locally, five miles down the road in Cajarc. English is her first language and she knows the local area extremely well.

She will be your main contact for setting up your stay at le Moulin.

Please do contact her with any questions you may have on:

Her mobile 00 33 627 11 60 40

Or email

If you would like anything sent to the house, such as documents, wine, hampers or any other items please send it to Lillian at the address below:

Lillian Bell
17 rue du Faubourg
46160 Cajarc